the house that woggi built
Woggi- the sweetest and most submissive Lhasa I have ever known. A house or garden full of playing boys and puppies suited her to a "T"...but Dog Shows were just overwelming for her...she  truly enjoyed her babies or anyone's offspring 2 or 4 legged. She passed that easy going disposition to her offspring. Woggi is gone now, but much joy for 18 years
Irlee's Vesta of Dimsum
Cinnie-Beauty and well built. Whelped each litter in one hour, always on a Sunday, settled her puppies, trotted out to the yard and  then demanded  her regular dinner each time. Her motto "never miss a meal". ...a happy blessing....Never met a human she didn't lick! Like her mother, Cinnie left us at 18 yrs old, but she will always hold a special place in our hearts.
Ch. Dimsum's Wassailing
Tippy- earned the name in the whelping box. Before his little eyes opened that little tail would whirl in circles like a helicopter blade when he sensed your presence.  He earned his first Best of Breed over Specials at 7 months old , numerous Puppy Groups, and a Best Puppy In Show at 10 months, Best Opposite at a National Specialty just past 1 yr. old.
Ch. Dimsum's Wonder Waggs at Tahna
and then cinnie...
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