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Quin was the most intelligent and determined Lhasa I have ever known. A little power house who stood for no nonsense from her children and kennel mates.  Limited rough housing allowed among the others, never with her! She efficiently maintained order. The mighty Quin raised and nurtured a litter of puppies rejected by their own mother. She cuddled, cleaned and disciplined them to happy maturity when her own "baby days" had long past. She was fearless, self assured and  affectionate with people. She grudgingly allowed that I was alpha, but stood second to no other.

Ch. Dimsum Jengo's Harlequin

Gennie- a very sweet and loving girl
she has helped rear Beagle pups, beside providing Bosatsu with  their Lhasas. A mom is a mom!

Dimsum's Gennie Lite
daughter of Quin, mother to Raven
foundation bitch for Bosatsu

Pirri- a  very affectionate people dog...she puts up with anything and mutters and mutters....a tea drinker..
Pirri never had puppies, despite our best efforts....she is now in a loving pet home

Ch. Dimsum's Pirrouette
Quin daughter

Dimsum's Pippin at Bosatsu
littermate to Pirri

Pippin- has carried the torch from Gennie at Bosatsu producing some lovely pups

Raven- a great little girl, happy, outgoing with a sense of humour. Hallowe'en was her favorite holiday....complete with costume she greeted all at the door!

Ch. Bosatsu's Raven at Dimsum
Quin granddaughter
Breeder: Roseland Phillips


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