About Dimsum
Dimsum is located in Stirling, Ontario, Canada about half way between Toronto and Ottawa. We have been here for 27 years, formerly residing in Kitchener, Ontario.
We acquired our first Lhasas in the late '70s. They have since been an integral part of our family. We have always attempted to keep and breed Lhasas we feel are "what they should be", not "what they could be", looking to the past and future with each litter. Although we show sparingly, we do not "Special" our dogs in the ring. It seems that every soul at Dimsum prefers the garden! They are, after all, special to the only judges that truly matter!
Dimsum breeds to the Canadian Standard. Temperament is the first priority for us. Health and structure are a very close second. Breeding is done on a very limited basis, as family life permits. All pets are placed with a spay/neuter agreement. We hope the future will bless us with more good dogs and more great owners.
"Dimsum" translates as "close to the heart".
   They are...and remain so.
Don, Matt & Sharon Quan
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