Ch. Dimsum's Annaliesse
Ch. Dimsum's Little Bhutan Eyes
Ouisie- Finished quickly with an absolute novice owner/handler and groomer. A more serious Lhasa, a good Mom and whelper. Lucy- a showing fool. Finished by a novice handler with a Best Puppy In Show to her credit and Specialty win..
Foundation bitch for Bhutan Lhasas (from her name) and now owned by Karen Cote.
Dimsum's Irish Misst
Chelsea- sweet like her grandmother and happy-go-lucky like her Mom.The first water loving Lhasa I have had in a while-she turns the nozzle of a hose on herself...
and Chelsea's second litter produced our next generation of "keepers"...introducing
"Calee" at 3 months
Dimsum's Through the Misst
brother "Phil" at 4 months
Dimsum's Bachelor Buttons
and from Phil
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